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  • 90-minute Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation - Deep Dive into your Health concerns/challenges, Medical/family history, Current medications, Information based on an extensive health survey with 300+ questions, and a 4-day Food Journal
  • 60-minute Follow-up Recommendations Visit - 1 week after consultation. We’ll work together to create a Personalized Nutrition Plan, Supplementation recommendations, Lifestyle recommendations, and Short-term and Long-term goals
  • 45-minute Follow-up sessions - (every 2 weeks after Recommendations visit) We will evaluate progress, conduct new assessments as needed, update your personal plan
  • Total: 7 video sessions; with unlimited email and text support, and limited phone support in between sessions
  • Countless resources - Lifestyle and dietary support, Grocery lists, Meal prep recommendations, Snack suggestions, Stress management ideas, Access to professional supplement lines at a discounted price! 
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