My Story

"I’ve loved studying nutrition ever since my first Nutrition class in college, way back when. It’s amazing to learn what the body is capable of, especially when we take care of it." - Jenn King
I’ve been researching nutrition, clean eating, how our food system has changed over the past few decades, and where our food comes from since college (TCU #goFrogs). 

I also ate a lot of pizza, french fries, ice cream, etc. during that time. Still do occasionally, I am human and love french fries,
 just not as often. 

I’ve been a label reader as long as I can remember.  
My passion (and research) grew when my husband started having health issues and wasn’t feeling like himself in his late 30s. 
Our doctor just said, “Well, you’re getting older now, so that’s just how things are going to be.”  Uh, no! Almost 40 is hardly getting older, and I’m not feeling like this the rest of my life.  We finally found a practitioner to listen and help us figure out what was going on. 

Turns out my husband has Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity.

A lifetime of eating bread at every meal and beer as a favorite adult beverage really wreaked havoc on his gut. You know, symptoms like:
  • abdominal cramps
  • ​bloating
  • ​brain fog
  • ​constipation & diarrhea
  • ​depression & anxiety
  • ​fatigue
  • ​headaches
  • ​joint pain
  • ​weight gain
It was horrible seeing him in pain and not knowing what to do, how to help. The journey to go Gluten Free was not an easy one, especially ten years ago. The gluten-free options were not as good or plentiful as they are today. He struggled for the first year to really give up the gluten-filled foods he loved, things like: pizza, pasta, cake and cookies, pancakes and waffles, fried chicken, Thanksgiving stuffing and pies, and every kind of bread. Oh, and the beer!

He continued to have these foods on occasion, a piece of birthday cake at a party, pizza and beer out with friends, Thanksgiving dinner filled with gluten. Finally, the pain and discomfort became too much. We knew we had to be serious about being gluten free. And so, my deep dive research began.

Now, 10 years later and a Nutrition Therapy Certification, I want to share my recipes, experiences and all my expertise with you, to help you live Gluten-Free and still be able to enjoy food and live life to the fullest!

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