RESTART Your Health In Just 5 Weeks

The RESTART program is a way to give your body a break from sugar and processed foods. The program focuses on how to use Real Food to boost your energy, reduce inflammation and get rid of sugar and carb cravings. Discover how good you can feel! 
  • 5 weekly 90 minutes calls
  • How to prepare for a Real Food sugar detox 
  • How to optimize your Digestion
  • How to get off the Blood Sugar rollercoaster
  • How to determine which Fats are healthy 
  • ​How to continue to use the tools and skills learned in the program
Real Food
Increased Energy
Boosted Immune System
Clarity & Focus
Excellent! Inspiring! Eye Opening! 
Life Changing!
These are some of the words that RESTART® participants have used to describe their experiences with this program. 

The RESTART® Program is a five week class led by Jenn, a qualified Holistic Nutrition Professional. It combines the simple elements of an up-to-date nutrition education, a guided 3-week Real Food Challenge (aka sugar detox), with small group support into a powerful way to kickstart a new healthy lifestyle. 

It’s truly an empowering combination!
Part nutritional education, part sugar detox, part support group – an empowering combination!
The simple yet powerful nutrition education in RESTART® uses only REAL FOOD. 
There are no pills, powders, or pre-packaged foods to buy. It is not a promise of a quick fix. It is not a weight loss or “diet” plan. 
You do not have to read a book to figure it out by yourself, and perfection is not required! RESTART® provides small group support from the instructor and peers who are all participating at the same time. 
It is a personal journey of self-discovery with tools you can use for a healthier lifetime. RESTART® works!

"I thought I was living healthy and doing well, but the RESTART class showed me the truth about what we've been led to believe and I now feel healthier than ever!"

@Jason - Florida
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